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WebHosting2K is a Web Hosting company that is located in Los Angeles, California. WebHosting2K offers multiple products and services built for individuals and businesses, including Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Online Marketing, and Web Design services.


Shared web hosting is very simple to use and users will benefit from numerous helpful guidelines to help them. For a webmaster that is a novice, it is very important and advisable to start with a shared hosting plan. WebHosting2K is offering shared hosting plans with unlimited data, bandwidth, and domains for $3.95 per month.

Building Multiple Websites:

Majority of web hosting companies make use of a shared web hosting atmosphere. In this type of web hosting plan; users are sharing the same web server with lots of other users. If the goal is to create and run multiple websites at once, a shared hosting web hosting plan may not be suitable. Because there are lots of websites on the same machine, it can become overpowered with enormous traffic that suck up all the bandwidth which will critically decrease the performance. In such case it would be wise to upgrade to a more suitable web hosting such as  Dedicated Server. WebHosting2K addresses this common issue by throttling the bandwidth and constantly adding servers and upgrading the hardware infrastructure to fulfill customers demands.

Software Applications

If the online business will require you to install and utilize lots of web applications on the web server, shared hosting may not be the right solution because installations of custom software applications are often times not permitted. More often, businesses choose to go with a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server to meet their unique needs. A Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server will allow you full root access and is the most highly customizable method to host a website or application.


If allocated budget is small and have deficiency for sufficient start-up cost, then shared hosting can be a very good starting plan. When deciding on which web hosting plan to make use of, it is very important to define the amount of bandwidth, memory, flexibility, security, etc. Webhosting2k.com offers cheap and reliable web hosting services for individuals and businesses. Quality shared web hosting plans featuring unlimited bandwidth and disk space start from $3.95 per month.